Choose from a variety of options

Swing offers many presentation features including tables, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, maps, flows and population pyramids. Swing is a data warehouse, it offers a set of statistical functions and it communicates smoothly with MsOffice. In addition a wide range of options is available to tailor your solution.


Giving users of the informationsystem a warm welcome in your own corporate identity? Displaying figures or charts? For a lot of clients, ABF develops a landing page in their own corporate identity. Gracefully made, great results.

Swing dashboard

Do you want to present the most important indicators from Swing in one glance? And do it beautifully, quickly and easily? Maybe Swing Dashboard is a good solution for you. A dashboard consists of tiles. Every tile contains a clean combination of indicators in the form of graphs, tables and maps. The Swing-manager can define and manage the dashboard himself.

Objects module and Swing locator

Are you interested in information of objects on a map? Of a company, school, hospital, museum or whatever else you want? The objects module is an expansion of Swing with which you offer this information a mouseclick away.

The Swing locator offers additional userfunctionalities and possibilities for client-specific designs.

Profile pie

Nice, all these indicators of Swing's, but what's the overall picture? The profile pie displays in a glance how indicators influence a score per subject, and the subjects count up to a total.

Community of practice

Do you want to initiate knowledge-exchange around the informationsystem in the form of newsitems, RSS-feeds, best practices, documents and more? Swing displays results and allows comparing. The community of practice is an internet platform that supports knowledge-exchange in an accessible way.

Scenario module

Do you want to show results of policy options or affects of surroundings-scenarios? Then the scenario module is the perfect tool. The only prerequisite is that prognoses that you're using have to originate from an ABF-prognosemodel that supports the scenario module.

Language module

Swing is available in Fries, English, German and French and we have also experimented with Hebrew.

Management module

Would you rather manage the information system yourself? Maybe you regularly want to add your own data or make new reports regularly. ABF has a training program for management and your organisation gets access to the new module.

Security module

A standard function of Swing is being able to publish information systems publicly or protect them with an IP-address or password. Do you want to add extra protection? Then this can easily be arranged in the shape of SSL-certificates.

Authorisation module

Do you want to differentiate between external and internal users or would you like to define different usergroups? With our authorisation module you can assign access to the level of particular subjects.

Swing Windows

Not a module per se, but still worth mentioning: for clients that use Swing internally sometimes the Windows-version suffices. This saves on license costs towards the usual online version.

Cube module

The cube module enables displaying of multi-dimensional tables. The definition of all possible combinations of subjects is superfluous then.


Do you wish to use Swing primarily as a datawarehouse and add to that your own web-apps? ABF built webservices with which web-app developers can get information from Swing and use it in their self-made applications.

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