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No specialised statistical knowledge required

With Swing you have a data warehouse, a geographical information system, a statistical package and a powerful tool for graphical presentations at your disposal. No experience with statistical software or geographical information systems is required. Swing enables better, faster and cheaper policy development, decision-making and reporting than when using conventional spreadsheets and stand-alone mapping tools.

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In addition to the many features that Swing offers you can choose from a variety of options to tailor your solution

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Swing customers include public and private organisations in Europe South Africa


Swing customers include a wide variety of public and private organisations in Europe and South Africa.

  • Ministries
  • Government agencies
  • Provinces
  • Local authorities
  • Police regions
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Research agencies
  • Property companies
  • Housing associations
  • Industry associations
  • Staff agencies
  • Healthcare providers


Visit our online demo in order to experience the benefits and features of Swing


See an online demonstration version of Swing for London.

Click here for an online version of the Municipal Barometer of South Africa.

EurotekenPrice structure

Swing's price structure is very open and helps facilitate user adoption within your organisation

Price structure of Swing

Swing's price structure helps facilitate user adoption within your organisation. Because Swing is priced at a low flat rate determined by organisation size and geographical complexity, anyone within your organisation can use it without additional cost.

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